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Loop Systems

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Puretone Loop Systems:



The Portable Loop Systems is a complete self contained portable loop system that provides an instant local loop facility for communication to the hearing impaired. A built in microphone (external microphone optional) receives speech and transfers it directly into the users hearing instrument with the T position selected. Click here for more information




Univox DLS-50


The Univox DLS-50 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for wireless listening through your hearing aid. Developed for maximum power, versatility and ease of use and is equipped with UniVox automatic volume control for a smooth sound experience.

Features: Thumb wheel volume control, bass and treble controls, headphone output, 1 x line out and 1 x mic/line out, indication for power connection, signal source level and loop current. Available in two systems; System 1 supplied with cable and clips, System 2 supplied with loop pad. Power supply included.



Sarabec LA215


The Sarabec LA215 loop system is a modern, sleek and stylish designed home loop system. It will help you to enjoy the sound from your TV, Radio or HiFi or conversation by transmitting the signal directly into the hearing aid when it is set to the 'T' position. Background noises will no longer distract you.

Features: Rotary volume and tone controls, loop level indicator, microphone sensitivity control, priority function control, automatic gain, line input selector, 2 microphone inputs, 2 line inputs. Also available with loop pad instead of the loop cable, for a portable





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