Puretone - Established 1976

Manufacturers of quality digital and analogue hearing aids, tinnitus management systems, in-ear monitors for musicians, earmoulds, swimplugs, noise protection plugs, and covert equipment for surveillance purposes. Suppliers of audiological, ERA equipment and accessories. Established 1976.




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Loop Systems -  Puretone supply are wide range of loop systems for many different purposes. They allow hearing aid users to directly have sound fed into their hearing instrument by switching it to the 'T' position, to select the telecoil. Loops systems can have a range of a few meters, for counter applications, or a range of a whole room for the more powerful systems.

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Moto Sound - In-Ear Communication & Noise Protection For Motorsport.

Custom-made MotoSOUND earpieces are made from soft flexible silicone material to give excellent comfort over long wearing durations.
Fitting deep into the ear canal, they create an acoustic seal which lowers outside noise considerably, while allowing audio to be heard clearly.

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Covert Devices -  Puretone are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of covert equipment. Our earpieces are widely used by police forces and security companies, both in the UK and abroad. They allow clear and invisible communication, while being comfortable to wear because of their sub-miniature design.

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NanoComm - New from Puretone - a range of sub-miniature gooseneck microphones for easy two-way communication. Ideal for security uses, as well as telesales and call centres. The NanoComm can also be used by motorcyclists, and can also be used with safety helmets and other noise protection earpieces.

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Presenters Earmoulds - Here at Puretone we supply and manufacture a range of custom and standard earpieces, designed for presenters. They utilise a tube to deliver sound from an audio receiver directly into the ear, and can feature options that allow sound level to be controlled by the user.

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