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SmartClean Cleaning Range

Smart Cleaning - Proper Hearing

  • Smartcare - Comfort cream with Aloe Vera, especially for earmoulds. For a more comfortable fit, an easier familiarisation and an improved seal of the earmould.
  • Smartpen - Cleaning pen especially for hearing aids. Completely safe, non-drip application. Quick, effective with antibacterial lemonfresh aroma.
  • Smarttabs - Sparkling tablets with active oxygen for hygienic deep-action cleaning of earmoulds.
  • Smartbox - Cleaning and drying cup with two internal sections and snap on lid.
  • Smartwipe - Moistened hygienic wipes for hearing aids and earmoulds.
  • Smartclean - Hygienic foam for quick and intensive cleaning of BTE earmoulds.



Take care of your earmould with the SMART cleaning range from Puretone.


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