We're proud to be the UK's only remaining independent manufacturer of digital and analogue hearing aids.

We also design, manufacture and supply the very latest in custom digital earplugs, tinnitus treatment devices and audiological accessories from our factory in Kent.

With Puretone, quality and performance is guaranteed.
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We never, ever compromise on standards.

All of our hearing aid and hearing protection products are rigorously tested to meet the highest quality international assurance standards and certifications.

For our customers only the best will do.
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Passionate about putting people first.

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Unlike many large global suppliers, we pride ourselves on providing a highly personalised service to both trade and individual customers.
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We supply a network of specialist hearing retailers across the UK.

And we only work with retailers we completely trust, so you can be confident you'll receive the very best advice and care in purchasing any Puretone product.

Find your nearest retailer
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“Receiving my CENS ProFlex DX5 2 months ago has really changed my preference in ear protection. The sound of the CENS ProFlex is so clear and crisp it is incredible. They are an invaluable part of my shooting equipment because they allow me to have normal conversations with other contestants without removing them. They are also extremely comfortable to wear and I wouldn’t want to be without them now.”

Josh Bridges