CENSational hearing

For the ultimate in custom-moulded hearing protection with exceptional comfort and performance, look no further than CENS digital earplugs.

Good enough for world champions.

Cutting-edge protection starts with CENS

Sports shooting is on the rise and an increasing popular sport for all abilities and ages. From local club level right through to the Olympics, shooting is a rewarding, enjoyable and challenging discipline.

But guns are loud, and protecting your hearing is one of the first things any shooters of shotguns, rifles and handguns should consider. Even centrefire rifles fitted with moderators can produce sound levels capable of damaging hearing.

Puretone leads the world in hearing protection for sports shooters. Our CENS range of products keep innovating to bring you the very best in comfort, safety, protection and performance.

Stay on top of your sport. Stay CENSensational.