Nanocomm GA - Aviation

NanoComm 2 GA from Puretone is an ultra-lightweight, custom-made aviation headset.

Weighing only 4g, which is less than 3% of the weight of a standard GA headset. The headset features a 2.8mm diameter boom microphone, coupled with a custom-moulded ProtectHear comms earpiece in each ear, which ensures an extremely comfortable fit when used for extended periods.

The NanoComm 2 GA features a ‘Shape & Stay’ flexible boom microphone for clear, noise free communications, as well as a quick-release lanyard, with cables running inside to each ear, thus keeping cables tidy. Every NanoComm 2 GA is also fitted with PJ055 & PJ068 jack plugs as standard (other connectors available).

ProtectHear Earpieces

NanoComm 2 GA models can be fitted with custom-moulded ProtectHear comms earpieces. These soft silicone earpieces give an SNR of 29dB (see table below), while still allowing the audio to be heard.

Each pair of ProtectHear are manufactured using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, to offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier.

The taking of impressions is a simple process that can only be performed by a trained and qualified professional. Impression material is applied to the ear canal, this remains in the ear for about 5-10 minutes while it sets. The now solid impression is removed and is used to manufacture your earpieces.

EzeFIT 2.0 Earpieces

These comfortable and secure earpieces can be used as an alternative to a custom earpiece. The black concha lock is made by “EarPro” from a soft silicone and is available in large and small sizes.

The EzeFIT 2.0’s shaped barbed adaptor follows the bend of the ear canal and allows the user to fit either large or small dome soft silicone ear tips providing a secure seal in the ear for excellent attenuation while still allowing for sound to be transferred into the ear for clear communications.

The NanoComm simply clips to the EzeFIT 2.0 earpiece in the same way as custom-made earpieces. The EzeFIT 2.0 is available in left and right ear versions.


NanoComm 2 GA Standard

  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Mic Weighs Only 4g
  • CE Marked
  • Earpieces Tested To EN 352-2
  • 29dB SNR
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Unobtrusive Design

NanoComm 2 GA Standard

  • Quick and easy changing of adaptors

Foam Windshield & Flexible Boom

Reduces wind noise for a clear and high-quality sound. Ultra flexible boom mic adjusts to any position.

Twin Earpieces

Two ProtectHear earpieces ensure high comfort over long durations, whilst offering excellent noise protection with or without the headset.


The NanoComm 2 GA is supplied with an anti-choke quick-release lanyard, with cables running inside to each earpiece, thus keeping cables tidy. NanoComm can also be configured without the lanyard.

Carry Bag

Supplied in a tough nylon carry bag to keep your NanoComm 2 GA safe when not in use.

Connector Options

  1. General Aviation Plugs
  2. Nexus Plug
  3. 5-Pin XLR Plug
  4. Nato Plug
  5. Redel (Bose) Plug

Adapter Options

  1. General Aviation Plugs
  2. Nexus Plug
  3. 5-Pin XLR Plug
  4. Nato Plug
  5. Redel (Bose) Plug

Junction Box Features

  1.  Auxiliary Audio Input
  2. Volume Control
  3. Mic Sensitivity Switch

For a -10dB reduction on the microphone sensitivity.

"(NanoComm GA) headsets were a great success…the ability to communicate easily really helped the operation. We flew two legs, approaching 6 hours, following which there was no physical discomfort nor ringing in the ears. Considering the close proximity of the prop tips that is impressive. You certainly have a good system."

(C.E – Vickers Vimy Co-Pilot)



148mm long. Ø10mm diameter.

Speaker Capsule Data:

Balanced armature. Damped response.

Sensitivity: 102dB. Impedance: 150 – 180 ohm.

Microphone Capsule Data:

Bi-directional pressure gradient.

Microphone for superior noise cancelling performance.

Impedance: 4400 ohm.

Sens: -58dB.