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Puretone 3D

Dual Format Dispensing Gun

£70.00 exc VAT
Supplied with multiple plungers for use with Automix 1, Automix 2 and Acrylon impression material.

Extended Warranty For Smart Optics 3D Scanners

£509.85 exc VAT
Warranty + 12 Months, valid from the 3rd year of delivery date.

FTP Module For Smart Optics 3D Scanners

£303.85 exc VAT
Software module for the automatic upload of your scan data to a FTP server.

Puretone Turning Motor

£41.15 exc VAT
Very small battery powered turning motor.

Scraper For Asiga Printers

£4.99 exc VAT
To aid in the removal of 3D prints from the printer bed.

Smart Optics Free Stage 3D Scanner

£4,999.00 exc VAT
The Free Stage was developed for quality-conscious audiologists and is the ideal solution for trend-oriented shops.

Smart Optics Mono Scan Shop 3D Scanner

£3,599.00 exc VAT
Simple and precise: generation of 3D data of models of the ear impression. Mono Scan is the ideal in-store solution for audiology.

T-Mixer Tips, Large (25 Pack)

£19.09 exc VAT
T-Mixer tips are shorter than standard impression mixing tips.

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