The NanoComm range revolutionises communication with its ultra-lightweight, sub-miniature design.

These custom-manufactured headsets prioritise comfort and enhanced sound isolation for a personalised experience and can be customised to suit the unique to the application you desire.

The Ultra-Lightweight Sub-Miniature Headset with Gooseneck Boom Microphone

Easy to use | Ultra Comfortable | Flexible

As used by:

Police Forces


Security Guards

Call Centres


Motor Cyclists

Sports Officials

Model Range

Ultra Lightweight Mono Headset

Customisable Single Ear Mono Headset

Ultra Lightweight Stereo Headset

Customisable Dual Ear Stereo Headset

Ultra Lightweight Aviation Headset

Dedicated Aviation Headset

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Features & Options

Choice of audio drivers

Choice of connectors for proprietary systems

Configure with a selection of most common radio connectors personalised to your equipment requirements.

Boom options

Flex (gooseneck) ideal for adjustability. (128mm or 165mm lengths)

Semi-rigid (plastic) ideal for staying where you want it. (128mm or 165mm lengths)

Push-to-talk switch options

Small square PTT with side thumb switch and clip.

Large round (2 inch) with front facing switch and clip.

Windshield options

Standard – replaceable secured with small elastic band.

Waterproof – replaceable secured with small elastic band.

XPS Fittings

Lanyard – cable tidy side pockets with junction box at the base and an anti-choke release catch.

Clothes Clip – used in when lanyard is not required.

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Earpiece Options

Soft Acrylic Earpieces

Generic fit with 2 helix sizes and multiple eartip sizes to suit most ears. Foam tips also provide some level of sound isolation.

NanoComm Custom Earpieces

Crafted from soft silicone material, our earpieces are custom molded to provide a perfect fit for each user’s unique ear shape.

ProtectHear Custom Earpieces

Ultra soft ProtectHear silicone custom moulds 29dB SNR can be used with and without the headset as PPE.

Custom Earpieces

NanoComm models can be fitted with custom-moulded standard, or ProtectHear comms earpieces. ProtectHear soft silicone earpieces give an SNR of 29dB, while still allowing the audio to be heard.

Each pair of ProtectHear are manufactured using specially formulated medical-grade silicone, to offer the highest degree of comfort whilst providing a highly effective acoustic barrier.

The taking of impressions is a simple process that can only be performed by a trained and qualified professional. Impression material is applied to the ear canal, this remains in the ear for about 5-10 minutes while it sets. The now solid impression is removed and is used to manufacture your earpieces.

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Testimonial (NanoComm XPS)

“As a sports cameraman, I’ve found the NanoComm headset to be a game-changer. Its feather-light design ensures comfort during the fast-paced action, while the discreet yet powerful earpiece allows seamless communication.

The gooseneck boom microphone delivers high quality audio, and the enhanced sound isolation is perfect for louder environments. What sets NanoComm apart is its customisation – tailored specifically for my application, it has become an indispensable tool in my kit, ensuring I never miss a moment.

For fellow professionals in the field, NanoComm is not just a headset; it’s a silent ally in capturing the perfect shot every time.”