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Asiga PRO 4K UV 3D Printer

£20,995.00 exc VAT

Asiga SPS ™ technology
Providing platform positioning feedback ensuring your build platform is where it needs to be for every layer. Z height precision guaranteed.

Automatic LED power adjustment
Our internal radiometer provides real-time feedback and automatic cure time adjustment based on actual LED power. Precise layer curing for every layer.

Industrial grade high-power LED’s
The PRO 4K is available with either 365nm, 385nm or 405nm Industrial-grade LEDs. 385nm UV LED recommended for most applications for precise layer curing and ability to process water-clear materials.

Material Freedom
Over 500 materials available. Experience the widest choice of materials on the market with unlimited and unrestricted access to many industry-leading materials for a variety of applications. Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest validated 3D print materials thanks to Asiga’s Open Material Architecture.

Crystal Clear 4K Imaging
4K mode for the ultimate surface finish

How does it work?
Asiga 4K mode uses pixel shifting technology to reduce pixel size which enhances surface smoothness and detail definition. This is our default printing mode but you can switch to native mode if required.

User features that matter
Blending industry proven 3D print technologies with a simple printer control UI.

No calibration between material changes
Change materials in seconds without the need for calibration. With our Multi-range feature in Composer you can change materials during a print for a multi-material component.

3D print precision with 385nm UV LEDs
Our 385nm UV LEDs accelerate material curing to achieve super-fine detailing and the ability to process water-clear materials. For all industries we recommend 385nm LED’s.

Unrestricted layer thickness
Specify the optimal layer thickness for the object being printed. We provide default options but with the added bonus for you to specify a value in 1 micron increments. In fact, you can print sections of your build at different layer thicknesses in different materials using Multi-range in Composer.

Unlimited lifetime technical support
Receive technical support from your local reseller and also from any of our global offices. Asiga technical support is unlimited and free.

Powerful build preparation software
Asiga Composer provides an intuitive interface for you to manage production on your Asiga 3D printer. Automatic set-up features including automatic part placement, automatic supports, full access to advanced settings where required. Enjoy unlimited installs and all future software updates.

On-board heater for optimised environment control
Finely control the temperature inside the print chamber for temperature critical materials or to increase printing speeds by reducing material viscosity. Temperature settings are adjustable so you can optimise to your 3D print environment.

Production output – Shells

Volume 70 shells
Print time 20 minutes @ 100 micron layers
Production capabilities +180,000 units / year

System Specifications
Build Volume X, Y, Z: 217 × 122 × 200mm
Pixel Size (4K Mode): 56µm
Pixel Size (Native Mode): 80µm
Technology: DLP
Software: Asiga Composer software. (Lifetime updates included)
File inputs: STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)
Network Compatibility: Wifi, WirelessDirect, Ethernet
Power requirements: 90-264VAC, 50/60Hz, 600Watts, (100V – 6Amp Max. 240V – 2.5Amp)
System sizing: 465 × 540 × 1345mm / 140 kg
Packed sizing: 900 × 700 × 1540mm / 205 kg
Warranty: 12 months manufacturers warranty
Technical support: Unlimited lifetime technical support included

Bundle includes
3D printer, Composer software, 1Kg Asiga material, 1L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit

***Special Order – non-returnable item (except under warranty)***

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